Experience from working at home

Since March 17th, I’ve been home. I don’t mean in a bunker underground and never left the house home. But I haven’t been at work since March.

I’ve never come in contact with the novel COVID-19, never been infected, never come in close contact with someone that did have it. But for some reason, I feel impacted.

For two years, I’ve had a routine. Wake up at 6:30 am, have breakfast, pack a lunch, get dressed and head to the office. I worked until 4:30 pm, drive home, cook supper and relax. Rinse and repeat.

Until that day, this was my daily life. All of a sudden, it changes. My employer was not ready for a pandemic of this scale to hit. We were sent home with nothing. No computers, laptops, phones. No way to even check our emails.

Like almost every other province or state, we were on mandatory lock down. I didnt leave the house for weeks. My employer figured out how to get our computers to us so we could slowly start to work again.

The unknown was unreal. Would we return to work, would we get laid off, hell, would we even be able to go to the grocery store!

Everyday, my routine shifted. I had no social contact with anyone. I haven’t been to the office to see my coworkers in almost six months. The only way I could socialize was through the internet.

I never thought I would like working from home. So far, it’s not bad. I wouldn’t want to do it forever. I miss the social life. I miss the coffee breaks

How do people stay home for weeks and weeks without seeing other people is beyond me.

So no, I haven’t been infected by the virus, but I have been affected by it.

A breath of fresh paint

To recap, we decided to renovate our new kitchen. We took off all the wood panel, wallpaper and then repairs the drywall. Now it’s time to finish and paint.

I’ve spent a lot of time on pinterest looking at possible colour combos that I would love. We had a lot going on with the kitchen, redish wood floors, oak cabinets, oak table and oak China cabinet. To try and tie everything together was harder than you think.

We decided to take my sister in law with us to the paint store. We picked out 30 paint chips. She isn’t an interior designer, but has the eye to be one. The moment she seen this shade, she knew it was the one we were picking.

There’s multiple reasons why we chose this colour. The first reason is the cabinets being oak, have a lot of yellow in them. This colour, which is greenish, complements the yellow. We all know yellow and blue makes green! The second reason relates to the famous colour wheel. See below.

Found on bhg.com

As you can see, green and red are opposite from each other. That means they compliment each other. Therefore, the red floors would compliment the greenish paint!

I was a little nervous with the dark tone of the paint we picked. But we have a beautiful window to bring in lots of natural light. Here is a picture to show you how it’s coming along.

The kitchen leads down the stairs to the basement. For that area, we wanted to pick a lighter colour as there was less light. We ended up picking this light green.

Once it was on the walls, it was really light. For now it will be fine, but down the road we might darken it up just a tad.

And with that being said, next post is the finishing touches!

Cat bed?

We bought this little cat bed that suction cups to the window. I seen it on Amazon and thought: “meh what the hell!” it came in, easy to install and to my surprise, they love it.

I originally decided to get this product because we lived in an apartment and didn’t have many windows. This way the cats could lay in the sun and look outside.

Sometimes it does take a couple tries to get a good suction on the window and we have found the bed on the ground and two upset kitties, but we stick them back on and once it holds, it holds. We live in Canada and even with the cold winters, this bed does not move. There’s time where both cats are in this little bed and it holds them both.

Over all, 10/10 on this product! Over 2 years old and still holding up.

That wood has got to go!

The picture says it all. When we viewed the house, the first thing we decided to do was take out this god awful wood paneling. Although we did complete other projects first, painting the office and bedroom mostly, this kitchen was in the back of our minds.

We asked many people what to do. After all, we are first time homeowners and hadn’t the slightest idea of what we were doing. Some family members said keep it! Others said paint it. But some said tear it down! We even called in a professional painter to get their opinion. Even he said to take that awful wood down.

Once we finished the bedroom paint, we were warmed up and ready to start the biggest project. As soon as the painter left, we popped a trim piece off and started taking it off. It was like a weight lifting off our shoulders. The room was lightening up, there was dimensions, the cabinets looked different but most importantly, it was too late to turn back.

And then I seen our biggest obstacle yet. Wallpaper. I knew from past experience that wallpaper can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Once all the panelling was off, we hit the local hardware store to gather some supplies and we tackled the beast head on.

The wall with the pink wallpaper was awful. We tore half the drywall off while trying to get the paper off. We used scrapers, product for wallpaper removal, let it soak in and it still wouldn’t come off. The other wall down the stairs had a different kind of wallpaper. This stuff came off like warm butter.

Next step was to repair the walls. We used simple crack and drywall filler. Applied thin coats and sanded between. We spent many hours getting them to where it has to be. The picture below was the worst wall we had. It was almost to the point of taking the drywall off and replacing it. But with a lot of love and patience, it turned out ok.

That is all for this post. The next one will be about the finishing and painting!

Welcome Aboard!!!

My first post to a blog. What to write about, what to say? Well, I’m just a normal girl in a normal city writing normal things for normal people. I’ve been thinking about starting to share my experiences with others for quite a while. So here goes my best shot!

I work full time from home, I have a wonderful boyfriend and we just bought a house. Many posts will be related to the biggest purchase of our lives. I like to tell everyone that I bough the house for us, but I really got it for our two cats. Call me crazy cat lady! All jokes aside, we have been thrown more curveballs than I thought I could handle but we never gave up and always figured a way to move past.

My goal in this blog is to share my experiences in:

  • Homeownership
  • Renovations and decorations
  • Purchases and reviews
  • Travels
  • Pets

So jump on the wagon, hold on tight, its going to get wild!

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